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AT&T DSL Alternative

Finding a good internet provider is generally not a problem for those in the city limits. But for those who reside in the county, the choices may be few.

At one time, AT&T DSL was the most popular option for county residents. However, DSL internet in most cases is very outdated. It appears that AT&T is working to phase out the service all together.
The replacement for AT&T DSL is usually a cellular connected device that can provide Wireless internet with the option of a telephone. This device a good option for those who do not have a Cable Internet option.
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Connect GRADD - Q Wireless

If AT&T Cellular internet is not an option, it may be worth checking to see if Q Wireless is a good option. This service uses a wireless signal that is transmitted from various towers around the county. A small antenna is placed on the roof area of your home where the signal is received from the closest transmitter. This service requires line-of-sight to work properly. Obstructions such as trees will impede the performance of the signal, causing slow or no internet at all. When taking on this internet service, your property will first be surveyed by Q Wireless to determine your eligibility.

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